My Scary Story

Last summer break, I come back to Vietnam and travel with my friend, my sister and her husband in Nha Trang. Nha Trang is a small town in Vietnam. I rent an apartment from Airbnb and it on 12A floor. It is really pretty; furthermore, It has whole facilities. In my country, almost apartments don’t have 13 floors because it’s very unlucky. Instead of 13 floors they will change to 12A or don’t have 13 floors. When my sister ate alone in the dining room, she saw a white shadow with an unknown face outside the balcony. She relized that she saw the ghost, so she turned her face away. After a while, she turned around and still saw the white shadow. She was very fearful, but she didn’t tell with anyone. The next day, I heard a knock 3 times on the door and the footsteps in my sister room when everyone slept. The footsteps were rumbling loudly in my sister’s room. I’ve confirmed it’s not the footsteps of people because the sound of the footsteps is very loud. When my friend took a taxi, the driver told her that there were 3 people died on the 12A floor of the apartment that we lived in. We are very fearful until now.

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