Personal Statement for University Admissions

My name is Han. I’m from Vietnam, and I am an international student. I come to the US when I was 17 years old. I choose to study in the US because of the quality education of the US is very good, and I want to have more knowledge and experience for my job. After finish university, I will come back to my country and work there. When I was young, my dream has become a designer in the future. Until I grew up, I confirm that I wanna be a successful business woman. The reason why I prefer my job is business because I have seen my parents are talented in the field of business, and I want to be like them. I actually admire my parent because they are really great at business. They are a good illustration for their children, and I am very proud of my parents. I learn much stuff from them. There are 6 people in my family, my parent, my two younger sisters and a little brother. I’m the eldest sister, so I have to take responsibility for my siblings. Moreover, I have to be successful and have a lot of money to take care of them and my family. I am interested in the hotel and the restaurant, so I will try to organize several hotels and restaurants special everywhere in my country. When I come to any restaurants or hotel, I pay attention to how to serve, how to present, how they business to have experience for myself. Some people think that business in hotel and restaurant is easy, but for me, I believe any jobs have the different challenges. I will take all the learning experiences and knowledge that apply to my administration, and I will develop it in the best possible route possible with my energy. To have the knowledge and the quality of working, so I have to study at a school suitable for my specialty.ksb-ugrad-graduation-topimage-768x450

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