Hannie’s Life in 2028

Currently, I am 18 years old, and I want to be a successful business woman in the next 10 years. I want to create my own restaurant and hotel. I’m trying to study thoroughly and come back to my country, and I will make a career there. I intend to get married at 25 years old and have children at 28 years old. I do not expect that I will be rich. I just hope that my family is always simple and happy. If I have opportunity, I will expand my restaurants and hotels all over the country. Furthermore, I will take my family to travel through all countries around the world, especially in Dubai where I wish I would come in the future. My goal is to achieve a famous hotel and restaurant are certified. I will buy the house for my parent and make them always happy. I will try my best to support my children for their future. I will sacrifice my children to have a stable future and become a great mother. Moreover, I will always beside them whenever they need. My husband and I will discover around the world and create the best memories where we are together. This is the life that I plan for the next 10 years. Therefore, I will try my best in the present to make my dream come true.

3 thoughts on “Hannie’s Life in 2028

  1. Hannie,
    These things sound like the best of everything- a career and family. It sounds like a wonderful life filled with work that you love and also a family that you love just as much. I hope it all comes true for you.


  2. Good catch Hanna…

    Hannie- That line “I will sacrifice my children to have a stable future” should read: “I will sacrifice for my children, so they will have a stable future..” You need the “for” otherwise it means that you will not treat your children well…


  3. Hannie,
    Check your blog settings because the comments from your classmates aren’t showing up on your blog. You need to change the settings like we talked about in class this week.


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