I was away from home for 1 year 5 months. When I came to the US, I always called video to my family because I really missed them. I remember the food my mother cooked, I remember the familiar streets in my country. I remember my parents’ voice, and I also miss my beautiful room. When I was at home that my mom cook for me. However, when I was away from home I had to cook for myself that was very difficult for me because I did not know cooking. I remember after school my friends and I go to eat and go out together. I have to bear that feeling for about 4 months, I always cry because I miss my family. When I at home, I thought that I am a strong girl, but when I came to the US I realize that I’m not strong like I believed. It is hard to leave the familiar thing with me. At the time, I just wanted to go home. Living in another country that It took me a long time to adjust. Everything is new, and the food is not better than in my country. Especially the holidays of my country like Tet. While everyone is happy together, I have to go to school. Until now, I still miss my family and my country.

3 thoughts on “Homesickness

  1. Hannie-
    You have been in the US a long time now! I know how hard it is to be so far away from your family. In high school, I lived overseas for one year away from my family and friends. I was SO homesick every day. I cried myself to sleep every night. But the last 6 months, I had the best time in my life. I kept telling myself that this was such a short time in my life, and I should enjoy the freedom of getting to be a completely different person away from my friends and family. I hope that you can find enjoyable things about your experience in the US.


  2. I think as your personality, it is a little bit hard to adapt with new stuff. I used to be that person; however, I overcome it by meeting new people and hang out with friends in school. These friends will help you get through tough things happen in your life in Seattle. You will be fine if you have friend by your side. I hope that you could get better after reading my comment πŸ˜‚


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