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I really agree and feel interested in the post of Cristian Mihai “How to overcome failure”. He talks about he overcome failure by the way he accepts it. He failed many times, but after failing he tried again several times. It will help him develop failures, and bring more experience. He is right. I have failed so many times, but after those failures, I always wanted to give up easily because I thought I had no patience and the ability to overcome my failures. After failures, I always blame myself for being useless without trying to fix it. After I read this article I have other thoughts and felt this article very helpful, it gave me more motivation to overcome all the failures. We need to know why we fail and use all the patience to overcome it. Maybe one, two, three, four and many times failed, but if we try to make that failure better and better, then we will succeed. Failure is not the end because we are not capable of fixing it, but rather because we have accepted and patiently overcome it. Failure helps us see that we need more effort to achieve what we want. It helps us to have more experience and make our lives better. Failure does not hinder success, it is only part of the challenge for us to succeed. We should not give up failure but try and try to achieve success. I believe that patience will defeat every failure. Please accept it.

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  1. This sounds like really good advice. I’m glad you found a blog that was interesting and that will help you be successful. Failure is a hard thing- just hearing the word alone makes most people upset. But, you are right, we have to look at our failures and figure out what we can improve to do better next time!


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