Viet Nam is always in my heart.

I have many things about my country want to share with you guys. My country is a country with a traditional culture, and I am very proud of my country. Vietnam has a lot of tasty food and wonderful areas. The Vietnamese people are honest, kind and generous. They can help you be enthusiastic when you have problems. When Vietnam wins in any competition in the country, millions of Vietnamese will take to the streets to celebrate the victory of expressing patriotism and solidarity. You will never feel bored in my country because Vietnam’s roads are always crowded such as motorcycles, cars and other vehicles. The strongest field in my country is about fruit and nuts etc. Furthermore, you will be eating fresh and tasty fruit in the countryside. The food in my country is very various. Each dish is distinctive for each region, so there are thousands of delicious dish in my country. I make sure you will love Vietnamese food. Especially the street food in my country is really fabulous. I am very confident and love the cuisine of Vietnam. There is much food that I want to recommend for you like Banh Trang Tron, Bun Bo, Com Tam, Pho, Pancake, Stuffed sticky rice cake, Fish cooked with fish sauce bowl and so on. If you visit Vietnam, you should go to Ho Chi Minh city, Ha Noi city, Vinh Ha Long, Nha Trang, Da Lat, Da Nang, Can Tho. These are places that are beautiful and natural landscapes in Vietnam. In my country everything is cheap. Do you believe that for only $ 2 you can eat a bowl of delicious Pho? Don’t surprise about that. It is true. Vietnam welcomes everyone to visit my country to try many kinds of food and wonderful landscapes.





4 thoughts on “Viet Nam is always in my heart.

  1. I never have been to your country before, but I really want to travel in Viet Nam after reading your blog. I enjoy the food in Viet Nam restaurant in Seattle. I know it is different with the food in Viet Nam because I know how different Chinese food taste different in Seattle with my home country.


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