Viet Nam is always in my heart.

I have many things about my country want to share with you guys. My country is a country with a traditional culture, and I am very proud of my country. Vietnam has a lot of tasty food and wonderful areas. The Vietnamese people are honest, kind and generous. They can help you be enthusiastic when you have problems. When Vietnam wins in any competition in the country, millions of Vietnamese will take to the streets to celebrate the victory of expressing patriotism and solidarity. You will never feel bored in my country because Vietnam’s roads are always crowded such as motorcycles, cars and … Continue reading Viet Nam is always in my heart.

Blog that I feel interesting and make me think differently.

I really agree and feel interested in the post of Cristian Mihai “How to overcome failure”. He talks about he overcome failure by the way he accepts it. He failed many times, but after failing he tried again several times. It will help him develop failures, and bring more experience. He is right. I have failed so many times, but after those failures, I always wanted to give up easily because I thought I had no patience and the ability to overcome my failures. After failures, I always blame myself for being useless without trying to fix it. After I read this … Continue reading Blog that I feel interesting and make me think differently.


I was away from home for 1 year 5 months. When I came to the US, I always called video to my family because I really missed them. I remember the food my mother cooked, I remember the familiar streets in my country. I remember my parents’ voice, and I also miss my beautiful room. When I was at home that my mom cook for me. However, when I was away from home I had to cook for myself that was very difficult for me because I did not know cooking. I remember after school my friends and I go … Continue reading Homesickness

Hannie’s Life in 2028

Currently, I am 18 years old, and I want to be a successful business woman in the next 10 years. I want to create my own restaurant and hotel. I’m trying to study thoroughly and come back to my country, and I will make a career there. I intend to get married at 25 years old and have children at 28 years old. I do not expect that I will be rich. I just hope that my family is always simple and happy. If I have opportunity, I will expand my restaurants and hotels all over the country. Furthermore, I … Continue reading Hannie’s Life in 2028

Personal Statement for University Admissions

My name is Han. I’m from Vietnam, and I am an international student. I come to the US when I was 17 years old. I choose to study in the US because of the quality education of the US is very good, and I want to have more knowledge and experience for my job. After finish university, I will come back to my country and work there. When I was young, my dream has become a designer in the future. Until I grew up, I confirm that I wanna be a successful business woman. The reason why I prefer my … Continue reading Personal Statement for University Admissions

My Scary Story

Last summer break, I come back to Vietnam and travel with my friend, my sister and her husband in Nha Trang. Nha Trang is a small town in Vietnam. I rent an apartment from Airbnb and it on 12A floor. It is really pretty; furthermore, It has whole facilities. In my country, almost apartments don’t have 13 floors because it’s very unlucky. Instead of 13 floors they will change to 12A or don’t have 13 floors. When my sister ate alone in the dining room, she saw a white shadow with an unknown face outside the balcony. She relized that she … Continue reading My Scary Story

My Favorite Movie

The movie that I like the most is Full House ( Thailand). The male character is Mike, and he is a famous single. The female character is Aom-am. This film about Aom-am’s friend needs money, so they stole her estate house paper for sale when Aom-am was traveling. Aom-am did not know about it, and the buyer this house is Mike. When Aom-am comes back home, she realizes that the new owner is living in her house. She is very surprised and hates him. Mike allows her to live with him, but she must pay money for him. In the end, … Continue reading My Favorite Movie